A note about images

Whilst we try to use our own images wherever possbile, many of the images used on this site are used under a Creative Commons License (2.0), and have been found on Flickr.  Due to an issue with the site and template, which we have asked the site developers to resolve as soon as possible, the images are not currently listing the information they need, including the appropriate credit.

As a photographer myself, I am especially frustrated by this issue, as I know the feeling of having a photo used without proper credit.  I apologise and hope this will be sorted out very soon.  In the meantime, all the images I have used can be found in my flickr favourites collection here, complete with titles, license details and links to their authors.

About Agile-Ox

Agile ox

Due to lack of funding, the agile-ox project is currently on hold. If you have any queries, please contact ian.curtis@eci.ox.ac.uk.

agile-ox is a project based at the Environmental Change Institute, working to connect environmental research(ers) from the University of Oxford with others across Oxfordshire, to increase opportunities for collaboration and maximise our contribution to the county’s environmental futures.