Oxfordshire environmental research clearing house

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Are you a local organisation or individual with an idea for locally-focused environmental research which needs doing?

Brilliant! We want to add your suggestions here.


The Oxfordshire environmental research clearing house is a new page which will host ideas and requests for locally-focused environmental research.

Have a research idea?

For those wanting to see some research done, this offers an opportunity to get your ideas seen by Oxford University academics and students, as well as other Oxfordshire stakeholders with similar interests and/or research expertise.

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RESEARCH SUGGESTIONS WANTED: Submit your research requests now by emailing agile-ox.

Looking for research inspiration?

For those looking for research inspiration and/or curious to see what Oxfordshire’s environmental community think is currently lacking and a prioirty for future research, look no further.

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For other ideas of ways to access research expertise and capacity within the University research and student population, check out the ‘Need some research?’ page.

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About Agile-Ox

Agile ox

Due to lack of funding, the agile-ox project is currently on hold. If you have any queries, please contact ian.curtis@eci.ox.ac.uk.

agile-ox is a project based at the Environmental Change Institute, working to connect environmental research(ers) from the University of Oxford with others across Oxfordshire, to increase opportunities for collaboration and maximise our contribution to the county’s environmental futures.