Oxford’s HOTTEST NIGHT in 5o years

Hot? Yes. Last night was the warmest in at least 50 years in Oxford, with our Radcliffe Met observers recording 21.2C.  Only 4 others nights have been above 20 degrees, including 11th August 1997 (20.5C) and 4th July 1976 (20.3C). [rescue_box color=”black” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”] 2016 is blowing away heat records This coincides with news that June was one of the hottest on record globally, with the first half of 2016 blowing away heat records and June 2016 marking the … read more


The Oxford Local Plan 2036 First Steps Consultation is now open online, giving YOU the chance to have your say about the key issues that the Local Plan will need to consider. The Consultation is open until 5 August, so act now to avoid missing the opportunity to contribute. [rescue_animate type=”bounceInLeft” duration=”2s” delay=”0s” iteration=”1″][rescue_box color=”black” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”] This First Steps Consultation gives you the opportunity to help shape the Oxford Local Plan 2036 before Oxford City Council begin to … read more

Spotted: Brian Cox in Wytham Woods

If you go down to the woods today… you will have just missed Brian Cox (bad luck). [rescue_animate type=”bounceInRight” duration=”2s” delay=”0s” iteration=”1″][rescue_box color=”black” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”] Forces of Nature hits Oxfordshire Professor Cox was in these parts talking about the seasons, as part of the BBC’s Forces of Nature series, aired July 8th. As well as walking through summer, autumn and into winter in Oxford’s Wytham Woods, Brian also took time to enjoy the high summer sun on Wittenham Clumps. … read more

Oxfordshire’s twin challenges: climate change & inequality

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could find ways of tackling climate change that also have huge benefits in terms of reducing inequality in our county? A new report, written by Ruth Mayne, Honorary Research Associate at the ECI, explores the huge opportunity for creating responses to climate change which in turn tackle Oxfordshire’s inequality. The report, ‘Building stronger and fairer communities: sharing the co-benefits of local action on climate change’, funded by an Oxford University impact acceleration award, with … read more

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10th Anniv Low Carbon Wolvercote. Overflowing village hall. Encouraged Low C West Oxford & much more. Thx to Jo Hamilton's ClimateX pic.twitter.com/n7gC…

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