agile-ox Overview, Summer 2016

For those of you wanting a clearer picture of what agile-ox does, here’s a recent overview.

Please note: this document was prepared for an internal university funding audience in mind, so some of the language (e.g. talking about ‘impact’ instead of ‘being useful’) may seem a little strange and needs improving.

Apologies – I am currently working on a more general document to follow…

One comment on “agile-ox Overview, Summer 2016

  1. Lucinda Reply

    Hi mim,

    We have set up a new community group you may wish to know about:

    It’s still a work in progress but the idea is that the projects will lead to page content.

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About Agile-Ox

Agile ox

Due to lack of funding, the agile-ox project is currently on hold. If you have any queries, please contact

agile-ox is a project based at the Environmental Change Institute, working to connect environmental research(ers) from the University of Oxford with others across Oxfordshire, to increase opportunities for collaboration and maximise our contribution to the county’s environmental futures.