Oxfordshire’s twin challenges: climate change & inequality

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could find ways of tackling climate change that also have huge benefits in terms of reducing inequality in our county? A new report, written by Ruth Mayne, Honorary Research Associate at the ECI, explores the huge opportunity for creating responses to climate change which in turn tackle Oxfordshire’s inequality. The report, ‘Building stronger and fairer communities: sharing the co-benefits of local action on climate change’, funded by an Oxford University impact acceleration award, with … read more

POWER STRUGGLE: how to cut peak energy demand with your community

Do you want to see the end of coal? You and your community could help. Coal and gas will continue to remain in the system for a long time to provide ‘peak power’ – unless, that is, we do something about our peak demand (i.e. avoid some electricity use on cold winter days when national demand is highest). This could be easier than you think and may even be fun. Come and find out how at this FREE event at … read more

Low Carbon Oxford Week, 2016

Get ready for the biggest Low Carbon Oxford Week yet in 2016

The second ever LCO Week festival in 2015 saw over 80 local organisations work in partnership to offer over 100 events across nine days. An estimated 40,000 people attended events during LCO week – and this year we are going even bigger!

New research: low-energy urban mobility in Oxford

Interested in the transition to low carbon transport in Oxford, and curious to know how local innovations compare to those in Brighton? Dr Tim Schwanen , the incoming director of the Transport Studies Unit, has conducted a case study examining the nature of low-energy innovation in the everyday mobility of people in two UK cities with favourable conditions for a transition away from fossil fuels (Oxford & Brighton). The resulting paper, The Bumpy Road toward Low-Energy Urban Mobility: Case Studies … read more